Analisis Kekuatan Rangka Mesin Chipper Kayu Menggunakan Metode Elemen Hingga


  • Isman Raharjo Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Amri Hidayat Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Fadhli Dzil Ikram Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Aldrin Aldrin Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa



Analysis of Voltage. Deformation. Safety Factor. frame. Ansys


The frame is an important component in a machine to support the engine load so that the frame must be guaranteed safe and strong. A wood chipper machine capable of turning wood into small chips for wood pellet production as an alternative fuel. The goal is to determine the maximum voltage, maximum deformation and safety factor. The analysis process includes tool preparation, frame design and analysis on the frame using inventory software and Ansys. After the analysis process was carried out, the results were obtained with a load of 8 kg on the upper frame and 8.7 kg on the AC motor holder with an equivalent voltage value of 131.7 Mpa, a maximum deformation value of 0.41119 mm and a safety factor of 1.89.

Keywords: Analysis of voltage, deformation, safety factor, frame, ansys,