Author Guidelines

Article written for Altron (Journal of Electronics, Science, and Energy Systems), published the results of discussions and research results in the field of Electronics, Science, Energy Systems, Power Systems, Control Systems and Computing, as well as other knowledge related to electrical engineering.

The manuscript is typed in Times New Roman, size 10 pts, with 1.0 spaces, on A4 paper 10-15 pages long, with the provision of a margin of 3 cm in the upper margin, 3 cm in the lower margin, 3 cm in the left margin, and 3 cm in the right margin. With a single column format The file was created with a high concocted in Microsoft Word format (RTF extension).

The author's name is listed without an academic degree and placed under the title of the article. Authors must include affiliation name and email. All section and sub-section titles are in bold. The title of the article is written in English.

Research article on research results: title; author's name (without academic degree); Abstract (maximum 250 words) containing the objectives, methods, and results of research; keywords; introduction (without title) which contains background, a little library limitation, research objectives, methods; meeting; conclusions and suggestions; bibliography (only Resources referenced). Abstract research papers in English and Indonesian, abstract research must contain the title, objectives, methods, and research findings.