Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021): Food Technology and Waste

Issue 2 Vol 1 Tahun 2021

Food Technology and Waste

One of the main challenges of the food industry sustainable waste management by “zero-waste” model is the application of the circular management strategy with the inevitable development of innovative waste transformation techniques. It can be expected that, in the next few decades, new and/or improved existing technologies will be needed to follow the trend of sustainable production and enable the better utilization of waste in the food industry, for all of which fossil reserves are still being exploited today. Recent rublished studies confirm that there is no lack of potential for sustainable production.

Therefore, this issue entitled Food Technology and Waste is of great importance not only for the scientific research but also for the industrial community. It is certain that the review and/or original scientific papers published in this Special Issue will have a significant impact and contribution in the field of agri-food waste utilization. In addition to the current status in the field, the papers should indicate possible future developments in terms of waste utilization in the agri-food industry.



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Published: 2021-05-31