Peran Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK) dalam Mensosialisasikan Program Kesehatan di Desa Sepukur Kecamatan Lantung


  • Fitriani Fitriani Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Apriadi Apriadi Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Ofi Hidayat Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa


Research aims to find out how the role of the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) movement in socializing health programs in Sepukur village. In this study, researchers used a type of qualitative research proposed by John W. Creswell. In this study, researchers found several findings, namely PKK carried out four activities to improve health status, namely improving the culture of healthy and clean living (PHBS), POSYANDU, monitoring the implementation of the Posyandu Information System (SIP), and the family planning program. In the process of implementing health programs, the PKK movement uses Functional Structural theory with four systems of Adaptation, Goal attainment, Integration, and Latency0. By using these four systems, PKK cadres are able to play their role in realizing the quality of health in Sepukur village.

Keywords: PKK, Role of PKK, Health Program, Socialization.