Peran Media Komunitas Solidaritas Perempuan Sumbawa dalam Perlindungan dan Pemberdayaan Perempuan di Kabupaten Sumbawa


  • Hazza Shabira Delanda Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • Fahrunnisa Fahrunnisa Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa


This research aims to find out how the media role of the Women solidarity Community in Sumbawa is in the campaign of protection and empowerment of women in Sumbawa District. This research uses qualitative methods and diffusion theory of innovations from Everett M.Rogers as a discussion analysis. This study was conducted on the media of Sumbawa women solidarity Community.Informan of the study is a follower of the media community of Sumbawa women solidarity.Data collection through observation, interviews, and documentation. Thus, the utility can find out how the media of the Women Solidarity Community Sumbawa in the campaign of protection and empowerment of women in Sumbawa district. The results of this study showed that the media of Sumbawa women's solidarity community campaigned for the protection of women by providing information, education, and portraying the story of the protection of migrant workers as well as the protection of violence in Sumbawa women.The Media of Sumbawa women's community is also instrumental in campaigning women's empowerment by providing socialization with the strengthening of women.This study analyzes the acceptance of audience innovation at the adoption rate against a community of Sumbawa women solidarity is acceptable and perceived in the life of Sumbawa community as a new matter or idea.And know the role of community media solidarity of Sumbawa women has been adopted to become information media and knowledge for the community in Sumbawa district.

Keywords: Role of Media, Community, Protection, Empowerment, Women