Green Marketing: Konsep Persuasif Pesan Komunikasi Strategis The Body Shop dalam Era Marketing 4.0


  • Almira Shabrina Telkom University


Entering the marketing era 4.0 where companies have challenges in integrating interactions online and offline with the aim of making it easier for companies to advocate for consumers. The marketing era 4.0 tries to advocate for consumers so that consumers can be used as a marketing tool so that consumers can also advocate for other consumers to consume these products. For this reason, we need a persuasive concept message in the formulation of strategic communications so that companies can compete in the 4.0 marketing era. Using green marketing, the body shop packages message persuasive concepts in the formulation of strategic communications to address the challenges of the marketing era 4.0.

Keywords: Green Marketing, Marketing Era 4.0, Persuasive Message, Strategic Communication