Review Process

KAGANGA KOMUNIKA: Journal of Communication Science conducts the review process in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Manuscripts that have been sent through OJS will go through a review process by the editor, especially on the scope and focus in accordance with the journal tamplate.
  2. The manuscript will be checked for the level of similarity or plagiarism no more than 25%.
  3. If the manuscript does not comply with the provisions and standards, the manuscript will not be sent to the reviewer, and if the manuscript complies with the provisions and tamplate, it will be sent to the reviewer.
  4. Manuscripts that have been selected will be reviewed by reviewers to review the manuscript by blind review.
  5. The review process will consider the novelty, objectives, methods, scientific results, conclusions and references.
  6. The manuscript that has been reviewed will be given suggestions for improvement if there are revisions and if it is not suitable for publication, the manuscript will be returned to the author. Then the manuscript that has been said to be feasible, the reviewer will recommend it to the journal manager for the publishing process.