About the Journal

Journal of ALTRON is an open-access journal published by the Study Program of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Sumbawa University of Technology. Altron is published with a frequency of 2 (two) times a year in August and February with varying volumes, e-ISSN 2963-1033. As the National Journal of Electrical Engineering, this journal publishes journals in Indonesian which aims to be a platform for researchers and scientists to publish their research journals which can be in the form of research results, scientific studies, as well as analysis and solving relevant problems and disseminate their knowledge about Electrical Engineering, in the scope of technology, electronics, science, energy systems and related sciences.

Novelty and up-to-date scientific issues as well as research originality is the priority of the Altron Journal. All articles submitted must be original research results that have never been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Publication of submitted manuscripts is subject to peer review. Both general and technical aspects of submitted papers are reviewed prior to publication. Manuscripts must follow the style of the journal and be reviewable and editable. The online delivery and publishing system uses the Open Journal System (OJS). Submissions must be made online via the Altron Journal submission site.