Analisis Makna Pesan Motivasi dalam Lirik Lagu Kpop Bts Answer: Love Myself


  • Miftahurrezki Miftahurrezki Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
  • M. Syukron Anshori Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa


Bangtan Sonyeondan or commonly known as BTS is a boyband from South Korea who has succeeded in gaining success in the international arena and is one of the bands who are active in voicing the spirit of motivation to ARMY (BTS fans). BTS itself embraces teenage children who have lost their enthusiasm for life. Almost every song and album that they cover tell about a social situation that is happening. BTS utilizes its popularity to spread positive influences, such as the Love Yourself campaign and its Speak Yourself speech at the UN session. In this study, it examined how the signifiers, signified, and meaning of motivational messages in the lyrics of the BTS song Answer: Love Myself. To reveal this problem thoroughly and deeply, this study used the semiotic approach of Ferdinand De Saussure. The results of this research were found that the lyrics of the BTS song Answer: Love Myself contains a meaning of a motivational message, namely self-love. Self-love is defined as a condition when we can accept and appreciate, accept our strengths and weaknesses. Self-view has the potential to influence success wherever we want it.

Keywords: Song Lyrics, BTS, Semiotics,  Ferdinand De Saussure, Motivation, Self-love